Why is it hard to quit smoking?

Well, the biggest problem with smoking is that it is addictive. Now, this is easy to say. But let us try to understand what we mean when we say “addictive”.

Basically, addictive substances like alcohol, drugs etc. are so because they make you feel happy or good when you take them. You see, the brain has a certain system called the “reward system”. To put it in a very crude way, the “reward system” is a little reward that the brain gives you when you do something that is healthy for the body. For example, when you eat your food on time, you will get a little reward from your brain. This reward is generally in the form of momentary happiness. And this momentary happiness is caused by a chemical called “dopamine” that is released by the brain when ever you do something right.  

Now, addictive substances are addictive because they get the brain to release some “dopamine” even though you have not done anything healthy to deserve it. Because of this, people who consume this addictive substances, have the “dopamine” flowing though their bodies and they are constantly with the feeling of happiness.

When they are bored or sad or stressed out, they want to consume something that will get the “dopamine” flowing though their body so that they feel good again. So over time, the body gets used to the constant happy feeling. If you take it away from them, they cannot live without it!

“Nicotine” is one of the chemicals in cigarettes that has this effect. So basically, to stop smoking, you will need to get over this “nicotine” addiction.

Please note: To be completely fair, nicotine has some other effects too except for just making you happy. It increases your blood sugar rate, increases your metabolism, reduces your appetite etc.

Now, here is the most important part! When your body gets addicted to nicotine, your body gets used to being constantly happy. So there are some changes that take place in the “reward system” to cope with the constant intake of nicotine and the constant flow of chemicals like “dopamine”. Your body adapts to the high nicotine intake. The “reward system” has to change.

Now, if you take away the nicotine and quit smoking, the body remains in the changed state for some time. Because of this, you will constantly feel the need to have a smoke just after you quit. But, here is the good news. If you stay away from nicotine for just “a month” your body will go back to it’s original way of working and you will not feel the immense need to smoke any more.

So, if you want to quit smoking, just quit for “one month” that is all! One month! If you stay away from your cigarettes for one month, the immense need to have a smoke will go away.

We are not saying, that the temptation will go away. Years later, after you quit smoking, you might still be tempted to go back to it. But, if you last for that first month without smoking, the temptation will reduce dramatically. So if you want to quit smoking, the task is very simple and very hard. Don’t smoke for just one month!

So, get up now. Throw all your cigarettes away. Now! Then go and tell everyone you know that you have quit smoking for the rest of your life. Don’t tell them that you have quit. Or that you are trying it out. 

Tell each and everyone you know, especially the people who mean the most to you, that you have quit smoking for the rest of your life. We are asking you to do this because we want you to commit to yourself that you have quit. Telling everyone you know is a good first step.

In the next section, we will show you to get through the first one month of being a non-smoker. You are now a non-smoker. Remember that.

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  2. The bad effects of smoking!!
  3. Why is it sooo hard to quit smoking?
  4. How to stop?